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The Perfect Gift for the Chef in Your Life
All of our cutting boards are fashioned from handpicked hardwoods, which are wrought by hand, in the United States, in the state of Montana. We design and craft our cutting boards with a critical eye, thus ensuring that only the best quality and workmanship is selected and winds up in your kitchen. If you have a chef in your family, or on your friend’s list, they will be stunned and overjoyed by the fine artistry that all of our handmade cutting boards display.

Selecting the perfect cutting board means doing your homework to find a cutting board that will last for generations in the kitchens of your grandchildren.

Here at Brushbacks Woodshop we offer a wide range of beautiful examples of Hardwood Cutting Boards. As you can see in our products below, if you have the preference for an End Grain or an Edge Grain we offer a multitude of different options for you.

We use native hardwood trees, like the cherry that has a glossy, natural finish for a gleaming cutting surface that will become a family heirloom; or the European Beech much beloved for its pale cream color that is an easy addition to any style variation of a kitchen.

We are also more than happy to work with any idea you may have for your personal cutting board.

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